February 23, 2011

The Rehab Club for Christian HomeSchoolers (The Conversation That Spurned an Epiphany)

Today I was strolling around campus with my brother and one of our friends. My brother and I were home-schooled until late highschool, at which point, we were enrolled in the local highschool. We are, to put it quaintly, the black sheep of the family and not just because of our high school experience. We're the wild child children. But I digress. Our friend was also homeschooled but, now understand this as it is extremely important, is not a homeschooler.
We all have relatively the same view of homeschoolers. Conservative ones anyways. And, needless to say, it's quite harsh. And then it happened.


 Me: You know how there's a 'The Christian Club'?
The Guys: Yeah...
Me: There should be a... like... The antithesis of 'The Christian Club'. Only not so...
My Brother: HAHAHAHA what?!
Me: No really! It'd be like a change christian homeschoolers! Corrupt them and normalize them!
My Brother: Haha it'd be like a rehab for homeschoolers.
Me: EXACTLY! That's it! That's it! It could be 'The Rehab Club for Christian HomeSchoolers'!

Now while I am entirely doubtful that the ASC would EVER EVER EVER in a million years actually give the ok to make such a club............................................... I'm super tempted to try anyways.

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