February 26, 2011

Cheating Leavers and Leaving With Cheaters

Unfortunately there is a certain breed of people (yes, I'm saying breed) who, upon conception, had some little important gene left out of them. This gene would be the gene of decency - especially in a relationship. To cut short our nice little description, these people are Cheaters. You know, those detestable people who aren't humans and, for some god forsaken reason, decide to pursue a new relationship while they're already in one instead of just breaking the first off and being an honorable, normal human being.

Now, after a while, for some Cheaters, they decide that they would like to leave their spouse and live happily ever after with their new soulmate. So they pack up, leave their old true love and their kids, and start a new life with someone else.

What I cannot understand for the life of me is that this new 'soulmate' is completely trusting in that Mr/Ms Cheater loves them with their whole heart and they'll never do anything to hurt them and never in a million years would they cheat. That's completely out of the question.

Doesn't this Other Woman/Man realize that they're no longer the 'Other'? And Cheater so easily left their former non-Other. What's to keep them from doing the same thing again with just another face?

I just find it all completely ridiculous. I could never, first of all, cheat. And most certainly, I could never live with a cheater. And I could never ever ever be the Other Woman because if he ever left his spouse, I would never trust that he wouldn't leave/cheat on me.

Why are there still Cheaters? You'd think that we'd have Selective Breeding-ed  their asses out of existence! If, that is, it's a gene. I'd rather it be a gene. Something out of their control rather than a deliberate choice to be a horrible person.

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